Santa Cruz Dressage Saddles by Heavy Horseware.

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Those who belong to the fascinating equestrian world know the importance of words like "tradition", "elegance", "technology" and "quality".

This is what we want our products to reflect when reaching out to customers. To obtain this, we combine artisan techniques and technology with the best raw material, resulting in extraordinary quality final products.


The new (Patent Pending) offers the rider a simple way to adjust the width of his saddles to almost any horse. With just a few steps, and without the need of disassembling the saddle itself, the rider can switch between five different sizes going from Narrow to Extra Extra Wide.

The system consist of a mechanism with interchangeable pieces that as long as are not removed, won´t alter the saddles width, making the system reliable an easy to change in less than a minute.

¨Universal Gullet System¨ has an outstanding durability and strength. As it is made out of stainless steel, the rider can enjoy the perks of the saddle without compromising the riders and horses comfort and safety.