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A little about Reen

So here I am, sitting on my lounge, attempting to write my first ever blog entry.
"Who are you and why are you doing that?" you may ask, and they are a couple of really good questions!! So let me introduce myself and tell you a little bit about me, if you're interested that is;)
I'm Reen Lidden and for the most part, I'm a mum of one who has only just hit the big 4-oh!!! (ouch!!). But I guess what separates me from a lot of the other Mums at the school gate is that I am totally in love with horses, a love that like with most horse riders/owners, has been there since I was a little girl reading Black Beauty and watching The Black Stallion at the cinemas on the school holidays...many, many years ago.
I live out in the Yarra Valley, a lovely part of Victoria (wine country, perfect life - I can combine more of my loves!!).  We, as in my husband Craig and daughter Sophie, are lucky enough to have a few acres so that I can indulge in my, and now 8 year old Sophie's passion. Thankfully I have a husband who is happy enough to spend weekends fixing fences, picking up poo and listening to me telling him all about the weekend adventures I have with my "hairy children" least I don't see him pull faces when I'm chatting away!
These "hairy children" are 2 Clydie X's, "Jack" and "Moosie-Moo", and a darling little Welshie affectionately known as "Munchie".
I've been pretty blessed with these 3 horses...each one has come into my life when I have really needed it, but I'll get more into why at a later stage.
Moosie-Moo has been dubbed "The Princess", she runs the place - if she isn't happy, then nobody is happy. Although in saying that, she certainly isn't a stereotypical mare - she is just special and she knows it!
Now, how would I describe Munchie...hmmmmmm....ok, picture "Merrylegs" from Black Beauty and you have it in one (great, already made my second reference to Black Beauty and its only my first blog!!)
A pony every little girl dreams of. He is just a baby himself, but proving himself to be a young man beyond his years - except for the teeth, hence the name "Munchie"!!
Jack is the big boy - the Main Man! Having only just turned 6 and just hitting the 17.2hh mark he is a big imposing lad with a heart of gold and an eye always on the feed bucket - typical Clydie X!!!!
Jack is the boy that I can only hope to do what I feel is deserving of him and his talent. He is a big moving boy, with an ability to learn quickly and tries his big heart out for me. The problem I have is that I lack a certain amount of confidence, and being only 6 is what Jack needs - a confident rider.
Why am I lacking in confidence? Well, here's the answer, and I'm guessing I'm not the only one out there who can answer this question like this. I'm not confident becasue I'm a little on the "sturdy" side(**sigh**) Yep, thats right, I'm chunky!!
I'm tall at 5'10", I have boobs and I have a tummy to match...lets just say I'm NOT browsing the petite section in Target!
And this is where Rubenesque Rider comes into the equation. For years riders such as myself have either had to squeeze into tops and breeches that are a little on snug side (always an activity that is destined to put  aspiring in your step - NOT!!), or quite simply go without, but then Rubenesque Rider was developed, and all of a sudden people like myself were actually able to by things that fit, and look good!!!
So now here I am, sitting in my lounge writing a blog...but WHY???????????? Well, I have been given an amazing opportunity by the team at Rubenesque Rider...the opportunity to become a sponsored rider! OMG!!!!!! A sponsored rider!!!!! NO WAY!!!!!!!!!
I never dreamt something like this could happen to me...I'm not a particularly good rider - probably never will be, but I guess my passion all through life, especially last year (which again I'll get into at a later stage) prompted the team at RR to give me a shot.
I'm so grateful for the opportunity and am really looking forward to a wonderful partnership...and I'm even excited about getting out and about and helping promote Rubenesque Rider!! At least I'll look awesome!!!!
So that's just a little bit about me. I'm not particularly special, but I guess somewhere I can have something to share that might make you smile when you're down. I could go on for many, many pages, as many of my friends could tell you, but I don't want to send any of you to sleep. But I'll be updating weekly even if it's boring stuff like how I hung out 5 loads of washing before 7am, then cleaned my bridle (The bridle clean won't feature  - that never happens)
Keep well fellow Ruby Riders...and love who you are!
Reen xxx

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