Winter. Not so bad...much!!

Winter has caught up with me and in a most nasty manner!
So sadly I can’t report that I have achieved anything of real significance over the past couple of weeks...unless you want a report on the softest tissues on the market? No, I didn’t think so.

Of course to coincide with the germs has come plenty of rain...and of course mud (back on the mud theme...I really need to build a bridge and get over it! Now there’s a thought – bridges!!)

So while I’ve been laid up in bed/couch, my 3 darling equines have been having a little Winter break...well Jack has anyway, the other two have been on that break for a while.
However Jack is back at this later this afternoon, so I’ll report in. It could be interesting – almost 2 weeks off and a change of paddock....3 words come to mind. O.M.G!!! Actually there are more than 3 words, but this is family viewing ;)

Lunging is another of those words that pop into my head. But I know he will be good (she says with no conviction at all!)


One thing I have decided to do, with mixed emotions, is to try and find a rider for Moo. But of course it’s one thing saying that, and another thing doing it. The last time my farrier was over he was dumbfounded that we were pulling her shoes off because she hadn’t been ridden, and I can see his point. She is a wonderful horse for anyone, not just someone who wants to poke around the bush. I’ve had a couple of phone calls, but of course chatting to someone on the phone is a long way from actually letting her go. Can I do it? I know I should. It will give her something to do other than wander about the paddock, and of course one less mouth to feed is always a benefit, but I just don’t know. What I need is a crystal ball to see into the future, and ask it some questions. Will she be ok? Will she miss me? (I already know the answer to that and I think it would be a “no”, as long as she has a dinner bucket, she is happy), will her new carer care for her as I do? I’d like to answer no to that one, but all I really do with her lately is feed her breakfast, dinner, scratch her between the ears and tell her “Hey Moo” whenever I see her. I really feel she would prefer it if she had the chance to get out and about...or do I just hope I feel that way?? One thing I do know for certain though is that this will always be her question about that!!!


For something a little different, last night Miss 9 and I braved the Melbourne weather and went into town to see a performance of “Cavalia”.  Cavalia is described in the program as “a fresh mix of equestrian and performing arts, multimedia and special effects”, and it was just amazing. In fact I have very few words to describe just how wonderful it was. It was just breathtaking, exciting, beautiful...see, I’m lost for words!
Miss 9 and I treated ourselves to one of the VIP packages, so we did think we were a little special last night...bubbles, canapé’s, wonderful seats, an opportunity to have  a program signed by two of the artists, and a tour of the stables after the show where there might have been a little kiss from the gorgeous little mini stallion named “Troubadour”.

There is always a little hesitation just before you hit “submit” on such a large credit card purchase when you are trying to keep a family/household/paddock full of horses going, but I’m so glad I did. Honestly if I could go again tonight, I’d be there. So my advice to you is if you get the chance, GO!!!!

I have a dear friend who went on opening night and her words were “sell a kidney”...I say sell not only the kidney, but take options on the second as well!!!!!


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