RR Amara Faux Suede Half Chaps.

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Amara Faux Suede Half Chaps are made especially for the curvy lady. They feature a size zip for easy fitting.

Short height 35cm and standard height 40cm. Three widths. L, XL and XXL.

Large 37-44cm, XL 41-47cm, XXL 44-52cm

The height is measured along the back of the Chap. this distance correlates to the distance from the  crease at the back of your knee to the crease at the back of your ankle

1. Soft and comfortable feel.


 2. Easy to take care and maintain. 


 3. Good flexbility, good weather resistance. 


 4. Very good tensile strength and tear strength.


 5. Excellent abrasion resistence, superior durability.


 6. Excellent breathability.