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Do It For Dolly day is an important reminder to equestrians...

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In the saddle – in the heat Summer can be a tough time to go riding, but long days and holidays makes it a great time to get some hours up in the saddle.   Thankfully rider wear has come a long way from a few years ago and you get some lovely, cool things to ride in.   The Mane Event tights are lightweight, with mesh panels and don’t compromise on grip. And boy are they comfy! In summer, I won’t ride in anything else. They wick away any sweat and if you are going for a nice hack...

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We’ve all been there, careers, children, saving to buy a house. Life catches up with us and our childhood riding dreams are temporarily put on hold, while we learn to adult.     We are still obsessed with horses, I know my neck cranes as we drive past someone riding, or I’ll stay up to goodness knows when to watch the eventing on the other side of the world. Our passion never leaves us, and eventually, we are in the position to get back into riding.     And here are a few tips that might help you get back...

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